United Downs Raceway - Sunday 4th November 2012

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Considering the expected bad weather, a reasonable crowd of hardy race folk converged on the United Downs raceway for the final meeting of the 2012 season. With the Grand National Championship for the Stock Rods and Supreme Championship for the Autospeed Bangers to be decided hopes were high for some good racing - with the always entertaining young stars in the Ministox also on the programme. First event was the annual Fancy Dress Parade, this year won jointly by Stock Rod man Kevin Hocking and Ministox maestro 989 Joe Marquand - but there was disappointment when the expected 'four horseman of the apocalypse' entry from Crispen Rosevear, Andrew Carter, Brian Goldsworthy and Nick Wadge failed to materialise, but it was not the end of the world........

ORCi Stock Rods

A good showing of 18 ORCi Stock Rods gathered in the pit area, including visitors 364 Nathan Olden and 136 Stevie Gooch and worth the effort it was too as both tasted victory. Before racing had even started though, the unfortunate 54 John Tait's day came to a premature end after his encounter with the turn 1 fence severely damaged his Vauxhall Nova in pre-race practise, a big shame. The first race of the day was the Grand National Championship and with the sun shining and track conditions dry(ish) a fast race was in prospect. The surviving 17 cars lined up in qualifying order and at the green it was 437 Lewis Trickey that got his nose infront but as the cars crossed the start/finish line for the first time it was three-abreast at the front between Trickey, 136 Steve Gooch and 196 Phil Chapman, with 136 Gooch getting to turn 1 first, followed by 437 Trickey and 196 Chapman. Next lap and 196 passes 437 and sets off in persuit of 136 Gooch, as the unfortunate 315 Trevor Ashworth spins on turn 1, making contact with the fence, severly damaging his super-smart new Vauxhall Nova on its maiden outing and bringing out the waved yellows. 136 Gooch led away the remaining 12 cars at the re-start from 196 Chapman and these two certainly stamped their authority on things, battling all the way to the finish with very little to choose between them, with 196 Chapman trying everything he could in the Corsa to pass the 136 Nova but the Drayton man managed to hang on and take a deserved win, but it really was very close at the finish, very close indeed. Race two had several spinners before 181 Lindsey Jones came to a halt on turn 1 bringing out the waved yellows after what looked like flames from the black Nova's bonnet. 83 Adam Ignaczak led the field away but was passed almost immediately by the flying late model Corsa of 364 Nathan Olden, the ex Saloon Stock man going on to record an easy win from 437 Lewis Trickey. A good race long battle for 3rd between 49 Kev Lock, 306 Neil Truran and 136 Steve Gooch certainly kept the crowd entertained, with a fine display of drifting through the corners by the RWD machine of veteran Truran - helped just a little by a few drops of rain that had begun to fall. 136 Gooch needed to finish at least three places ahead of 306 Truran in the14 car 'St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre' sponsored final to secure the St Day points Championship and this he did in style, powering his way through the field in the wet conditions, taking the lead two laps from the flag after passing the impressive long-time leader 49 Kev Lock. So, the Hoochie Goochie man had taken his second win of the afternoon - and with it the track points - and the Grand National Championship too, not a bad day at the office then for the popular Drayton driver. The ever-youthful (!) 49 Lock finished in 2nd, just ahead of Romsey based 364 Nathan Olden - with 306 Neil Truran coming home in 5th.        

Autospeed Bangers

An excellent 58 cars arrived to contest the 2012 Supreme Championship, including defending champion 246 Ryan Sparks. 18 made it out for the first of the two 'last chance' races which saw action at both ends of the track. Early leader was 607 Gary Sillifant, who was having an excellent battle with 45 Mike Reed, both men taking turns to head the field until they came to grief after tangling with 141 Toby Tiddy and others on the exit of turn 2 with just two laps left to run. 715 Chris Langmead went on to win, with 862 Darryl Cock and 183 filling the other two places and booking their slots on the grid of the main race. The second race had 16 starters and a fair bit of action, which included a stiff encounter with the fence on the exit of turn 4 for the unfortunate 994 Kirstin Stone, bringing out the waved yellows. 438 Daniel Rice led away the re-start and went on to an untroubled win from 333 Craig Partridge and 331 Duncan Kennard. 27 starters lined up for the Supreme Championship with the top points scorers at the front - which included defending champion 246 Ryan Sparks on the inside of row 1. Now, knowing Sparksy was in pole you would probably think the result was a forgone conclusion but although the Torbay multi-champion did manage to take the win it was definitely not with ease. At the green it was in fact 938 Ashley Rice who hit the front, with the ever lively but understeering 28 Steve Linly close behind in 2nd with 246 having to be content with 3rd - then just as things really began to get exciting the waved yellows came out for a problem with the 331 Duncan Kennard car on the main straight. The Mondeo of 938 Rice led away the re-start from the identical car of 28 Linly but was then passed by both 28 and 246 Sparks but next lap re-passed the pair of them to lead once more ! At half distance 246 Sparks re-takes the lead and 28 Linly took the only option and spun aside 938 Rice on the start/finish straight to secure second spot. Once again, as it looked like we had a real race on our hands, the waved yellow flags came out for 100 Alec Jenner who had come to a halt on the main straight - with the 183 car then rolling over taking avoiding action ! 246 Sparks led away the second re-start from 28 Linly and 242 Ben Ellacott but although Linly did manage to half-spin the 246 Honda Ryan Sparks managed to hold on and successfully retain the Supreme title. 28 Steve Linly thoroughly deserved his runner-up award, as did 242 Ben Ellacott in the unusual early Honda Prelude his 3rd place. And now it really started to rain. 20 cars took to the track for the consolation and although the rain had eased the track was still very wet and there were a lot of spinners. Two laps from the end a big pile-up by the pit-gate brought out the waved yellows for a problem with the 38 Civic of Kevin Styles, with 74 Adam 'Scratchy' Hitchcock leading the field away at the re-start. 743 Simon Rees won the two-lap-dash, his second win in two meetings, after 74 Hitchcock got sidelined with a puncture but he did manage to finish a creditable 2nd, with 185 Richard Coaker 3rd. The 'Sparky's Taxis' sponsored final saw 26 cars out on track and with the rain continuing to make things difficult there were plenty of spins and crashes to keep the crowd entertained. One of the early spinners was previous race winner 743 Simon Rees but he recovered superbly and went on to take his second win of the afternoon from the evergreen 186 Leon Fasey who put in yet another masterful drive from the very back of the grid, 991 Ben Hale did very well too in the slippery conditions to finish 3rd. The last race of the day, indeed the final race of the season at St Day, was the eagerly anticipated allcomers and an impressive 33 cars assembled on track. It was cold, wet and getting dark as the green flag waved and almost immediately mayhem broke out all around the raceway, with a big coming together on the start/finish line involving several cars ending with the Mondeo estate of the unlucky 862 Darryl 'Dippy' Cock buried in the side of the 743 Simon Rees car at roof level. It was obvious that all was not well with the Falmouth man and the red flags came out instantly. The decision by the steward to abandon the race was accepted unquestionably by everyone and the situation was left in the hands of the superb St Johns people and track staff. A unfortunate end to what had been a cracking end-of-season bash from the Autospeed Bangers.
(Footnote – the good news was that, after an overnight stay in hospital, Darryl Cock was released on the morning of Monday 5 November, with a sore shoulder)

ORCi Ministox

With a real mixture of weather conditions to contend with throughout the day an excellent effort was put on by all 14 young drivers that arrived for their final Westcountry meeting of the season. Heat 1 finished in spectacular style and included a masterful display of driving by newcomer 945 Charlie Porter, the white-grader taking the lead on lap 2 and holding on to it up until the last lap when he was passed by 942 Stephen Gilbert - after fending off the challenge of the impressive 946 Emily Hector. But young Charlie wasn't beaten, as the two cars came into turn 3 for the last time he pushed the vastly more experienced Gilbert wide into the corner, which allowed 946 Hector to almost slip through down the inside and the three cars came across the finishing line three-abreast, with 945 Porter snatching it by the narrowest of margins. Superb driving from all three of these talented youngsters. The rain had arrived by the time the cars came out for heat 2 but all the drivers coped well in the very slippery conditions, particulary white grader 987 Ethan Pope who led right up to lap 8 before he was passed by 989 Joe Marquand who went on to take the win. 942 Stephen Gilbert came through to snatch his second runner-up finish of the day on the last lap - with 932 Sam Moore coming home in 3rd. The 'Cash Generator' sponsored final again had 14 starters and with the track Championship already decided in favour of 'super-star' 942 Stephen Gilbert the pressure was off the Doublebois youngster. 916 Keiran Brodie was the early leader in the very wet conditions, having a good battle with 945 Charlie Porter initially. Going very well too was 946 Emily Hector and by half-distance she headed the field, with 989 Joe Marquand once again showing his wet-weather driving skills soon up into 2nd. As the race went on 946 Hector just got better and at the chequered flag it was the young lady from Willand who took an excellent and impressive win, from 989 Marquand and 942 Gilbert, bringing to an end a good day's racing and indeed a superb season at United Downs from the always entertaining youngsters.

See you next year !!      

Ministox 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 945 942 946 989 910 955 901 932 977 907
Heat 2 989 942 932 946 987 951 977 955 901 907
Final 946 989 942 910 901 932 977 916 945 907
Grade Awards W 945 Y 955 B 989 R 942
Stock Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
GNC 136 196 181 151 40 49 364 311 306 437
Heat 364 437 136 196 49 306 181 853 40 12
Final 136 49 364 12 306 193 181 83 40 196
Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
LCQ 1 715 862 183 607 45 71 74 76 677 nof
LCQ 2 438 333 331 154 977 999 817 666 nof
Supreme 246 28 242 235 186 735 372 991 938 60
Consolation 743 74 185 677 407 666 nof
Final 743 186 991 242 60 246 607 45 999 938
Allcomers abandoned
Grade Awards 743, 185, 407 45, 74, 333 235, 607, 60 246, 242, 186
Best Presented 247 407 666
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