United Downs Raceway - Sunday 1st May 2016

Another day of inclement weather at St Day made for very tricky track conditions, with the circuit anything but dry, yet certainly not soaked either.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

The 25-car showing of F2s was an eclectic group of numerous local racers and a sprinkling of visitors, with the added ingredient of new grades for many of the drivers.  Running to a two from three format, the first heat was led for an eternity by 740 Neil Langworthy.  He was chased by 189 Paul Butcher and 542 Steven Gilbert, who did catch him late on, with Butcher taking the win.  If Langworthy had not quite held on for a white top win in heat one, 572 James Lindsay was hell bent on doing so in heat two, as he forged into a massive lead early on.  Late on, Lindsay encountered backmarker 522 Chris Mikulla, which briefly threatened to hinder his run.  However, stayed calm, and concluded a flag to flag victory to seal the first win of his career.  Heat three went under caution early on, after 126 Jamie Avery and 87 Paul Weekes tangled, which also enabled the stranded 979 Paul Moss car to be recovered.  After 404 Jamie Pepper had led, it was Butcher who again hit the front, and despite a good charge in the closing stages by English Open Champion 38 David Polley, second was as high as he got, as Butcher collected a second chequered flag.  The final saw 750 Lewis Holden lead early on, and he was still there at the midway point.  Indeed, Holden ticked off a few more laps before 689 Joe Marquand just managed to edge past, but at this stage, he had Polley for company, and no sooner had teenager Marquand got in the lead, than Polley relegated him back down the order.  Polley went on to win, for a first ever St Day final, and 676 Neil Hooper pounced late on to pip the day’s furthest travelled driver, 488 Liam Bentham, for second.  The Grand National was barely a lap old before the yellow flags were introduced, after Pepper clouted the fence in turn one.  Butcher made his way to the front, and despite a last bend challenge from 797 Dan Moss, it was to be win number three for Butcher.

Stock Rods

A poor showing of Stock Rods was anything but befitting of such a high profile event as the Adam Ignaczak Trophy day.  151 Simon Vincent and 92 Adam Daniels chased down 54 John Tait in heat one.  Daniels made his move to get ahead, and a spirited run by 776 Simon Jones took him to a very close second by flag fall.  It was a similar story in the second heat, once Tait had been spun out by 613 Lee Simmons.  Daniels got into the lead, and Jones rounded Vincent late on, before Vincent encountered engine problems that were to end his day.  The points from the heats put Daniels on pole for the Adam Ignaczak Trophy race.  Jones was alongside, with 3 Matt Peters and 909 Justin Washer sharing row two.  With an array of bizarre hand signals at the end of the rolling lap, Daniels looked flustered at the start of the race, and heading into turn one, he, Jones and Washer all went very wide, which opened up a huge gap on the inside line.  As the front trio turned to head through the pits bend and past the pit gate, it was Jones who got the traction to grab the lead, and over the next half a dozen laps, he built up a winning advantage.  Daniels did come back more strongly later in the race, but Jones, who had been denied by Lindsey Jones in the corresponding race last year, was not to be caught, and thus the top three were Jones, Daniels and Washer.

Saloon Stock Cars

Not for the first time, the Saloon Stock Cars were crying out for more cars on track, yet even so, they did serve up another trio of very watchable races.  Heat one was led by 276 Ben King, whilst 199 Phil Powell and 28 Ian Govier battled over the right to chase him down.  Both Powell and Govier got past, and as the laps ticked by, it appeared as though Govier was waiting for the opportune moment to dislodge Powell.  However, Powell edged clear on the last lap, and Govier opted not to make a lengthy last bend lunge.  Heat two brewed up into a good contest between King, debutant 27 Kieren Bradford and star man 730 Deane Mayes.  Once Mayes took command, the other pair fell down the order, which left 901 Mike Hale to take second place.  The final saw King make an horrendous start, and Hale charged through the wide open door to lead from the green flag.  Powell gallantly gave chase, but Hale ran in really deep on the last bend, which left him out of reach of Powell.  Mayes completed the top three.

2 Litre Old Skool Bangers

All tolled, there were just under 40 drivers present for the latest meeting for 2 Litre Old Skool Bangers, and with packed grids in each of their three races, there was no shortage of action.  910 Katie Dawe was charging through the early stages of heat one, when she encountered the spinning 768 Tyler Cock, and in the collision, Cock lost a wheel that was to force a race suspension, and Dawe retired with damage.  862 Darryl Cock got the better of 196 Phil Chapman when the race resumed.  In heat two, there were crashes and incidents galore, with 307 Matt Wilkie in the thick of much of it.  Dawe did win this race, relieving 903 Adam Neville of first place after the opening three laps.  In the final, the crashing was probably a little too heavy, with 622 Jason Spry on the receiving end of a heavy fencing from 741 Alex Waterman; Darryl Cock attacking stationary cars; and 522 Chris Orchard and 861 Jean-Marc Penaluna indulging in their own tit-for-tat exchange.  In contrast, 133 Terry Hill landed a blinding hit on the slow moving 995 Andrew French car, to show exactly how big crashing in the Old Skool class can be effected.  451 Nigel Belfield took control of the race from a very early stage, and he duly took the win, from Hill and 74 Adam Hitchcock.  It was noticeable that so many of those who crashed so heavily in the final, were conspicuous by their absence in the full crashing Allcomers race.  Hitchcock had a race to forget, as he was blown to smithereens by a combination of 113 Jack Gill and 87 Paul Lawer, and Gill must be highly commended for his outstandingly entertaining display, which saw him give out as much punishment as he received.  Hill won, as just three of the eight starters went the distance.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 A&B 189 542 740 797 111 572 126 488 676 828
Heat 2 B&C 572 797 404 689 352 111 476 828 488 979
Heat 3 C&A 189 38 575 404 24 689 352 315 627 542
Final 38 676 488 575 689 111 797 750 189 315
Grand National 189 797 111 542 689 315 627 38 676 575
Grade Awards W 572 Y 189 B 797
Saloon Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 199 28 730 30 276 158 901 619 677 27
Heat 2 730 901 158 619 199 27 460 276 677 475
Final 901 199 730 28 30 158 27 619 460 677
Stock Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 92 776 151 944 909 3 9 54 37 26
Heat 2 92 776 3 909 944 37 151 9 613 26
Final 776 92 909 3 944 37 9 26 613 614
2L National Bangers Old Skool 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 862 74 196 372 352 138 912 903 87 153
Heat 2 910 451 133 372 74 352 196 138 492 383
Final 451 133 74 912 352 383 141 804 nof
Allcomers 133 196 383 nof
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