United Downs Raceway - Sunday 27th September 2020

A bright and breezy day greeted drivers and race fans as the BriSCA F2s contested their final fixture of the year at St Day with an afternoon’s racing ladened with additional prizes.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

With 27 cars in the pits the field contested two out of three heats, the first doubling as the track’s White and Yellow Grade Final.  222 Adrian Watts and 820 Chris Hatch spin out in unison at the start of the race, as 828 Julian Coombes took over the lead.  Coombes was aided in extending his lead by a tremendous battle between 835 Matt Westaway and 196 Phil Chapman for second, both swapping places over a number of laps.  By the time of the chequered flag, Westaway had gotten ahead to take second place behind Coombes who won the event for the second year in a row, collecting four new tyres for his efforts.  Given the race format, heat two was top heavy with Blue, Star and Superstar graders.  It also featured the top three protagonists in the Track Championship, 542 Steven Gilbert starting the meeting 5 points ahead of 302 Dale Moon, with 24 Jon Palmer a further 12 points back.  Moon made a quick start and was into the lead early on, ahead of 526 Marc Rowe, but he then tangled with the back marking 663 Bryan Lindsay on the back straight, sending both cars spinning along with 315 Justin Fisher.  Gilbert also ended up in a heap by the pit gate, whilst Fisher was able to rejoin on the restart which was headed by Moon and 184 Aaron Vaight.  As the race entered into the final stages another excellent battle developed between 418 Ben Borthwick and 689 Joe Marquand, Borthwick just managing to squeeze home ahead of his fellow Cornish racer.  Heat three again saw Moon making quick progress up through the field but as he tried to make the move to pass 736 Josh Weare for fifth, he himself lost grip and spun around dropping him down to eighth by the finish.  However, Gilbert’s day continues to go downhill as he suffered race-ending damage following a hefty hit from Palmer, who himself also ended up retiring shortly after.  Coombes took his second win of the day, and there were more last lap dramas with Fisher and 539 Steve Hartnett tangling on the final bend of the race dropping them out of the results.  The Final for the Old Motor Cycle Trophy also featured the customary lap leader bonus, this year increased to £60 to mark the 60th anniversary of the formula.  The lower grades were extremely keen to secure the first lap bonus with a mad scramble towards the start finish line, but in doing so both 228 Stuart Deacon and Hatch took each other out just feet from the line allowing Coombes to chalk off the first lap.  An early caution was called for after Westaway flew over the inner kerb and clobbered the plating in turn one; the car at one point pointing high up in the air before making a hard impact on landing.  Once Westaway was safely out of the car, the race resumed with 418 Ben Borthwick hurriedly getting to the front.  He built up a big lead, whilst Marquand, Palmer and 352 Dave Sansom tangled in the battle for second.  Meanwhile Borthwick charged on relentlessly in the lead, and he was delighted to collect £1020 in lap leader bonuses.  Marquand was second and Palmer third.  An earlier mistake had seen Moon drop down the field and he eventually finished tenth.  With Gilbert finishing fourth, the Track Championship was destined to go to the Grand National.  However, Moon hit the front by around the midway point, and he was unchallenged to the finish.  That netted him the Bob Netcott Trophy and he secured the Track Championship.  Gilbert, who finished third in the race, sportingly came to the start/finish line to congratulate Moon on his achievement.

2 Litre Bangers

A modest entry of 2 Litre Bangers entertained throughout the afternoon.  Heat one saw a close battle between 186 Lewis Fasey and 376 Steve Hill; Fasey managing to force his way past on the final bend to win on his track debut.  Heat two saw an equally exciting finish with Hill, 278 Shaun Brokenshire and Fasey all line astern heading into turn three on the last lap.  Fasey put the bumper in heavy, Brokenshire ricocheting into Hill who rattled off the plating.  The force of Fasey’s hit also sent him wide and allowed Brokenshire to take the win.  The Final, to full National Banger rules, began with Fasey seeking out 929 Sam Baker, who he ran into the turnstile bend fence.  Brokenshire also planted 671 Callum Hawker heavily into the plating in the pits bend, as 452 Anthony Sleaman broke clear at the front.  Behind him there was a competitive race for second between Hill and 714 Paul Smaldon; Hill eventually snatching the runner-up spot.  The Allcomers was explosive and had only three finishers.  Baker sought retribution, turning his car around on the home straight to meet Fasey head-on.  Baker was then pummelled four laps in a row by 286 Sophie Fasey.  After three full-force hits, the Baker car had been bludgeoned on to the infield, and thus Sophie Fasey’s last hit was on the infield and took both cars into the marker tyres.  On track, 522 Chris Orchard led home Brokenshire and Smaldon.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 828 835 196 736 526 229 663 222 820 228
Heat 2 302 184 418 689 24 890 538 352 539 526
Heat 3 828 418 835 325 736 184 689 302 890 920
Final 418 689 24 542 184 890 736 315 828 302
Grand National 302 828 542 184 325 890 315 539 418 320
Grade Awards W 222 Y 828 B 736 R 418
2 Litre Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 186 376 929 286 278 452 522 714 383 166
Heat 2 278 376 186 286 929 452 522 166 714 59
Final 452 376 714 522 286 278 186 59 NOF
All Comers 522 278 452 NOF
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