Ten Years Ago

The BriSCA F2 Stock Car World Championship returns to Smeatharpe for the first time in ten years.

The last time Smeatharpe played host to the event was in 2003.

401 Barry Goldin took the title, leading home 167 Bill Batten and 324 James Thackra.

2003 F2 WF 1-2-3

The meeting final, as is traditional, saw drivers race for the Alan Benson Trophy.  In 2003, that was won by Simon Walker.  In 2013, the race will feature sponsorship from Anderson Racing Engines.

2013 ABT

The Grand National, as is also customary, saw drivers race for the O'er The Border Trophy.  In 2003, Ian Chalkley was the winner.  In 2013, the O'er The Border Trophy will be raced for on Sunday's Grand National, the last race of the weekend for BriSCA F2s.

2003 OTB


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