11 June - Important Information

There is a car limit for the number of (Rookie) Bangers that can be accepted to race on Friday 11 June at Smeatharpe.

After bookings were closed on Saturday 5 June, a Reserve list has been assembled.

Thanks to the helpful notifications of some drivers who are not going to be racing on 11 June, the following drivers who raced on 30 May, now have priority to move from the Reserve list to the Booking list:
2 Harrison Staples
23 Barry Staples
344 Mike Whitelock
348 Michael Beard
355 Aaron Dark
386 Ryan Wagstaffe
455 Shane Kennard
486 Lee Wagstaffe
522 Chris Orchard
708 Julian Hellyer
785 Nick Craddock
929 Sam Baker

Those drivers listed above, AND ONLY THOSE DRIVERS LISTED ABOVE, can make their booking on Monday 7 June via Digi Tickets, between 8.00pm and 8.15pm.
Click here to access the correct Digi Tickets option.

A further announcement will follow on Tuesday 8 June.


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