2019 Season Roll Of Honour

Autospeed would like to thank all drivers who raced during the 2019 season, and congratulate those drivers who achieved some notable successes.

National Bangers
World Championship 190 Steve Bailey
Autospeed Points Championship 162 Brett Ellacott
Winter Open 162 Brett Ellacott
Boneshaker 621 Scott Kendall
Micro Bangers Teams Rebels A
Micro Bangers National Series Final 205 Matt Cottle
Wreckfest 133 Terry Hill

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
Benevolent Fund Trophy 7 Gordon Moodie
British Championship 542 Steven Gilbert
St Day Track Championship 418 Ben Borthwick
Smeatharpe Track Championship 542 Steven Gilbert
Remembering Rog Trophy 835 Matt Westaway
St Day World QR 890 Paul Rice
Smeatharpe World QR 183 Charlie Guinchard
Old Motor Cycle Clube Trophy 325 Ryan Sheahan
Ladies Trophy 418 Ben Borthwick
Ladies Race 362 Sarah Harley

Saloon Stock Cars
British Championship 116 Diggy Smith
St Day Track Championship 980 Charlie Lobb
Smeatharpe Track Championship 56 Georgie Boult Jnr
Western Championship 980 Charlie Lobb
West of England Championship 800 Scott Greenslade
Cornish Championship 161 Billy Smith
Devon Championship 799 Joe Powell

Stock Rods
British Championship 909 Justin Washer
English Championship 437 Lewis Trickey
Autospeed Points Champion 3 Matt Peters
St Day Track Championship 909 Justin Washer
Smeatharpe Track Championship 3 Matt Peters
Grand National Champion 3 Matt Peters
Winter Supreme 909 Justin Washer
Adam Ignaczak Trophy 909 Justin Washer
West of England Championship 351 Rhys Langdown

British Championship 927 Owen Robbins
Autospeed Points Championship 985 Sam Carter
St Day Track Championship 985 Sam Carter
Smeatharpe Track Championship 985 Sam Carter
Cornish Championship 985 Sam Carter
Devon Championship 589 Josh King

Heritage Stock Cars
Cornish Open 763 Andy Bateman

Autospeed Points Championship 898 Jack Semmonds
Supreme Championship 246 Ryan Sparks
Cornish Championship 891 Martyn Cleave
Devon Championship 246 Ryan Sparks
Taiya Densham Shield 931 Jack Manhire
Tony Jeanes Trophy 246 Ryan Sparks


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