2020 Teamarama

Teamarama for 2 Litre National Bangers will return to Smeatharpe on Sunday 1 November, when the winning 4-man team will scoop a £500 first prize.

The format for the event will see four heats of racing.
Heat 1 and Heat 2 will be to Old Skool rules.
Heat 3 and Heat 4 will be to National Banger rules.

Points will be scored 10 points down to 1 point in each of the Heats.

Drivers also have the opportunity to secure a point bonuses in advance of racing.

There is a 20 point bonus available for each team that books in for the meeting at least 10 days in advance - ie by the end of Wednesday 21 October.

There is a further 20 point bonus available for each team that arrives on race day with all four team members' cars in matching colours.

Drivers - click here to make advance booking.


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