7 September - Ministox Final

The result of the Ministox final on Monday 7 September at Smeatharpe, has now been confirmed.  This follows a review of video footage of the race.

The chronological sequence has been ascertained.
As the race neared its conclusion, 917 Troy Hemmins crashed out on the start-finish line.
At this point, the lead cars were on the final lap of the race.
The call for yellow flags was made on the Raceceivers and simultaneously with officials.
Yellow flags were waved and flashing amber lights were effected, as the lead cars were on the exit of turn four.  This is crucial to the outcome of the race.
As the lead cars crossed the start-finish line, the chequered flag was shown.
However, this was NOT under green flag conditions.
As the final lap had not been completed, a single file restart for the one-lap shootout, was staged.

Subsequent to the race a number of enquiries were raised, questioning whether the lead cars had passed the chequered flag.  Whilst it is correct that they passed the chequered flag, they only did so under yellow flag conditions, and thus the race still had one more racing lap to be completed.

The one-lap single file restart was therefore correct and the result, as announced on the night, stands:
569, 654, 577, 985, 970, 382, 914, 998, 617, 202.


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