Double Trophy Day

Thanks to a new initiative that was warmly accepted and approved by BriSCA F2 back in January 2016, there will be two very special trophies for the BriSCA F2 Stock Car drivers to race for on day two of the Summer Speed Weekend at Smeatharpe, on Sunday 21 May.

Not only will the BriSCA F2 Benevolent Fund Trophy be contested, but the Ray Tyldesley "641" Trophy will also be up for grabs on the meeting final.

The late Ray Tyldesley was the very first winner of the Ben Fund Rosebowl, when he won the inaugural Ben Fund race, at Odsal, Bradford on 29 June 1979.  In view of that link, Autospeed's Crispen Rosevear enlisted the help of 2015 Ben Fund Champion Gordon Moodie and Ben Fund Administrator Sharon Blood, to ensure both trophies were in his possession for a special road trip to Odsal, just before Easter 2016 (see photo below).

The full story of how the two trophies came to be reunited, can be read in the May 2016 edition of unloaded 7.3 magazine.

From 2016 onwards, the two trophies will feature on the same race day each season.

In 2017, there are bonus awards in both races.
The TSK Group have added a £100 bonus for the winner of the "641" Trophy on the meeting final.
C.F.S. CC TV & Security of Accrington have added a £100 bonus to the "641" Trophy event by way of grade awards.

641 Trophy & Ben Fund Trophy at Odsal


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