Invitation Team Challenge - National Micro Bangers

National Micro Bangers – Invitation Team Challenge – Saturday 20 May/Sunday 21 May

The Invitation Team Challenge for National Micro Bangers will be contested over the Speed Weekend at Smeatharpe.

There will be 8 invitation places available for teams.
Each team will consist 8 drivers.
On Saturday 20 May, there will be three team races for National Micro Bangers.  Each team will race in two of those three heats.
The five top scoring teams from Saturday night’s heats, will progress to the big money final on Sunday 21 May.  There will be £400 for the winning team on Sunday 21 May.

After the big money final, National Micro Bangers will revert to individual racing.

Click here to access the Raceday Preview for Saturday 20 May.


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