Remembering Rog 95 Trophy 2018

The 2018 staging of the Remembering Rog 95 Trophy meeting is being switched to St Day on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 28 May.

The original planned staging for 22 April is no longer convenient for Rog's family, and it has been necessary to reschedule the event for a little later in the season.  In view of the upcoming meetings at Smeatharpe, a revised plan has been hatched, for the Remembering Rog event to switch to St Day for ths year.

As previously, the day will be backed by a communal group of the same ten sponsors who have supported the event since its very first staging in 2011.

Additionally, further friends of Rog have contributed more financial backing for the meeting, and there will again be a Double Prize Money feature final, as was the case in 2017, when 38 Dave Polley landed the iconic steering wheel trophy.
Remembering Rog 2017


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