Rescue Team

The first meeting of the new national season on 3 March, was also noteworthy for some members of "Team Autospeed".

During the closed season, Autospeed's rescue/incident team were invited to provide rescue capability at the largest ever training event held in Cornwall for St. John's Ambulance Brigade.  This is part of the ongoing training Autospeed invests in its raceway capability and team to conform with and support the requirements laid out by the ORCi.  All front line team Autospeed members undertake annual training in race day procedures including fire fighting, driver extracation and safety.

We have two fully trained "Incident Commanders" and two extracation teams.  These teams have completed two stages of training to be classed as extracation technicians.  Periodic training maintains this capability.

Dave Perez and Roger Hore both attended the out of season training and have both been assessed and competent to have passed their stage one rescue training.  Both will now continue their training to become rescue technicians.

Dave and Roger were presented with their Rescue badges by Nick Wadge our ORCi Steward and Assessor.

Autospeed are extremely grateful for the hard work of all "Team Autospeed" members, to ensure racing continues to be presented in a safe environment.

 290 Jay Tomkins


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