Smeatharpe 2021 Track Championships

Autospeed are delighted to announce South West Tyre Recycling Ltd as the sponsors of the 2021 Track Championships at Smeatharpe for Bangers, BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, Ministox, National Bangers, Saloon Stock Cars and Stock Rods.

South West Tyre Recycling Ltd director, Jon Palmer, was the winner of the BriSCA F2 Stock Car Track Championship at Smeatharpe in 2020, and he explained, “It was a really nice thing to win the Smeatharpe Track Championship, and through South West Tyre Recycling, I would like to support all of the Track Championships for this coming season, in the same way that I hope the racing community will continue their support for my business.”

Points scoring in the Track Championships will begin as follows:
Bangers                              Friday 11 June
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars       Monday 17 May
Ministox                            Monday 3 May
National Bangers              Sunday 23 May
Saloon Stock Cars             Monday 17 May
Stock Rods                          Monday 3 May



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