Smeatharpe Stadium - Monday 2nd August 2021

The annual outing for Reliant Robins at Smeatharpe Stadium injected some extra fun into proceedings, while BriSCA Formula Two Stock Cars continued their run of Monday night racing and the infant racers in Micro F2s completed the bill.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

In the midst of a busy run for the formula, sandwiched between the last two World Championship qualifying rounds elsewhere in the country, the entry was down on usual, at 22 cars. Proceedings began with the second leg of Total White Out, with seven drivers taking part on a damp track after pre-meeting rain. From the outside of the front row, 605 Richard Andrews pushed past 220 Richard Short into the lead and was followed by 762 Mike Cocks as Short spun. Cocks moved into the lead a lap later, and then 128 Jack Bunter shoved Andrews wide, allowing 222 Adrian Watts past both into second. An entertaining squabble between Watts, Bunter and Andrews allowed Cocks to escape, and although Bunter began to reduce the margin in the closing stages, it was Cocks who won from Bunter, Watts and Andrews. Cocks and Andrews finished as the top scorers across the two legs of Total White Out to scoop the lion’s share of the spoils. It was Cocks, Bunter and Andrews who set the early pace in heat one proper too. 988 Charlie Lobb had risen to second behind Bunter when a caution was called after 398 Ian England was turned across the bows of 35 Charlie Fisher into the back-straight wall. Bunter made a good restart, as 890 Paul Rice and 895 Ben Goddard demoted Lobb. When Bunter got out of shape, Rice and Goddard moved ahead and they then proceeded to exchange hits and the lead on numerous occasions. That allowed 667 Tommy Farrell to close in. He got inside Rice and then shoved Goddard wide for the lead with two laps to go, which he held to the finish. 315 Justin Fisher shifted Goddard wide to take second on the final bend, with Rice also nipping inside for third. Andrews led away heat two, but Lobb took up the running under pressure from 736 Josh Weare, in the ex-Luke Wrench car, while Rice also passed Andrews before half-distance. The quartet remained in that order to the flag, with Andrews fending off a last-bend lunge from 24 Jon Palmer, who had missed heat one with mechanical maladies. Palmer was docked two places for jumping the start, promoting Goddard and Farrell to fifth and sixth, after the star grade had been depleted by Justin Fisher and 522 Chris Mikulla – on his first appearance of the season – crashing into the Honiton bend wall, and gearbox trouble for 783 James Rygor’s brand new car. Andrews led the final until a spin put Bunter ahead from Lobb, Cocks and Ian England, but Farrell and Palmer were the fastest men on track as they worked their way through. Palmer hit Farrell wide from a long way back into the pit bend just before half-distance in what could have been a race-defining move as he began picking off those in front. Lobb had pulled clear, and Palmer was up to second when the 24 car went straight on into the Honiton bend wall with five laps to run, possibly as a result of a puncture. That handed Lobb a big lead and he duly reeled off the last few laps to claim his maiden final win in BriSCA F2. Farrell survived a last-bend hit from Justin Fisher for second, with Mikulla, England and Bunter completing the top six. Having been plagued by mechanical issues for most of the night, 881 Jamie Ward-Scott led away the Grand National as Andrews and Bunter tangled on the first bend. Weare moved ahead, with Charlie Fisher also passing Ward-Scott as star men Farrell, Justin Fisher and Palmer charged through the pack. As Weare pulled clear, Justin Fisher nudged son Charlie wide for second, with Farrell following through. Palmer shoved the younger Fisher wide for fourth with two laps to go, then tried a big lunge on Farrell for third on the final bend. It didn’t come off, and allowed Charlie Fisher back inside, as Weare took a comprehensive win from Justin Fisher and Farrell. Lobb rose to eighth from the lap handicap without the aid of a caution.

Reliant Robins

There may only have been seven cars, but the three-wheelers managed plenty of entertaining frolics, particularly in the latter half of the meeting, to the delight of the crowd. A quiet heat one was claimed by 51 Sid Harrison from 272 Mitch Turley and 58 Martin Dalton, as 36 Toby Loader tipped his car onto its side at the flag. Ministox graduate 985 Sam Carter earned the entertainer award after his early spin and flamboyant wall-bashing driving style. Loader and 518 Matt Caple spent time on their sides in heat two as Harrison and Dalton traded the lead throughout. They eventually clashed on the back straight, leaving Harrison on his side and setting up a two-lap dash to the flag. That was won by Dalton from Carter and 30 Joe Caple as Loader tipped it over crossing the line once more. Countless rolls led to an extended final, with Turley in particular seeming to spend more time on his side than on all three wheels. Carter was in the thick of the action, having a spell in front before rolling and then later flipping Joe Caple into a full barrel roll and back onto his wheels. It was Harrison who took the win from Dalton and Matt Caple, with Loader this time managing his most spectacular roll of the night to earn the entertainer award. The annual Robins & Caravan race began with Carter looking to storm his Plastic Pig and caravan ensemble through the strategically placed caravan on the back straight, but he got stuck part way, and that led to a short delay whilst everything was separated. Matt Caple caused plenty of mayhem with his caravan, as he brutally wrecked the static caravan, before Dalton and Joe Caple teamed up to bundle Matt Caple and caravan into the pits bend wall, duly ended a fun evening.

BriSCA F2s 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Total White Out 762 128 222 605 32 220 nof
Heat 1 667 315 890 895 522 736 988 128 460 320
Heat 2 988 736 890 605 895 667 24 128 398 762
Final 988 667 315 522 398 128 736 895 320 35
Grand National 736 315 667 35 24 895 881 762 988 526
Grade awards W 128 Y 736 B 895
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 51 272 58 30 518 985 36 nof
Heat 2 58 985 30 518 36 nof
Final 51 58 518 36 nof
Caravans 58 30 nof
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