United Downs Raceway - Sunday 2nd February 2020

The Winter Supreme Challenge event at the United Downs Raceway, saw the Stock Rods and Ministox continue their early start to the new year, whilst the Back 2 Basics Bangers raced for the first time with Autospeed in 2020.

Stock Rods

Whilst a couple of those who raced at Smeatharpe the week before were absent, two Cornish drivers making their first appearances of the season helped to swell the ranks: 54 John Tait and 81 Rob Johns.  The opening heat was led away by 285 Martin Walker.  He was chased by 204 Georgie Biggs, who was quite forceful when she drew close.  That earned her a ‘black cross’ warning.  Biggs took over at the front, and stayed clear of star graders 3 Matt Peters and 351 Rhys Langdown to secure a win on her first visit to the Cornish circuit.  There was a dramatic start to the second heat, when Peters, 9 Chris Drake and English Champion 437 Lewis Trickey clashed on the exit of turn four.  All three were delayed, particularly Drake who spun to the infield.  Shortly afterwards, 14 Ross Montgomery blew his engine in a spectacular display of smoke.  Biggs again got into the lead, but she was caught and passed late on by Langdown.  The heat results put Biggs on pole for the Winter Supreme Challenge, but fellow front row starter Langdown was sharply away.  Langdown eased into the lead, leaving those behind him to battle together, which hindered their charge.  Peters eventually grabbed second place, but he could not reel in Langdown.  Thus, Langdown took the title, from Peters and Trickey.  The Stock Rods were rewarded with a fourth race, and Johns hunted down Biggs late on to claim the victory.


The exclusively south west entry of youngsters did include BriSCA Micro F2 graduate 290 Alfie Tomkins on his debut appearance.  In the first heat, a spin for 970 Milli Farrell triggered a spate of chaos in the fourth turn, which left 984 Fin Carter a little shook up after he was inadvertently collected by his brother 985 Sam Carter.  The race was suspended, but soon into the restart 907 Cadan Davies got out of shape on the back straight, and that spun 617 Christina Sillifant hard into the plating.  382 Corey Hunt had been the leader at the time of each race suspension, but he could not hold off star grader 577 Harry Darby and British Champion 927 Owen Robbins, who pounced in the closing stages, with Robbins victorious.  In heat two, Robbins edged Sam Carter wide on the back straight, which sent the silver top on to the damp outside line and into the plating, which left him a long way down the order.  Hunt set the pace, but was always within range of Davies, and sure enough, Davies made his move as the lead duo entered the final bend.  However, Hunt rode out the hit and the challenge from Davies saw him lose power.  Hunt sped to the line for a career first win, and the luckless Davies fell all the way back to fifth, as Robbins and Darby completed the top three.  The final, sponsored by The Golden Lion, brought Hunt his second victory; this time with a little more breathing space, with Robbins and Darby in the top three once more.

Back 2 Basics Bangers

Amongst the entry of 22 Back 2 Basics Bangers were five newcomers, again underlining the value of the entry level class.  331 Duncan Kennard sped to victory in the first heat, which was made increasingly chaotic as 233 Liam Parkin, 777 Troy Holley and 29 Jamie Jones almost succeeded in blocking the exit of turn four.  Heat two was halted when 632 Arron Bennett’s car ground to a halt and had a serious fuel leak.  321 Mark Johns had been the race leader at the time, but he exited with a heavy trip to the pits bend fence.  272 Shaun Ross inherited the lead, but with two rear punctures, he opted to just amble around from the rear of the grid.  Thus, 455 Shane Kennard led away the restarted race, but he was overhauled by the father and son pairing of 37 Danny Carlton-Barnes and 837 Barnabie Carlton-Barnes.  The final was halted in the very late stages when 202 Leigh Colsell’s car went on fire.  Five cars set off for the last three laps, but only three made it to the line, as Ross won from 196 Phil Chapman and Shane Kennard.  Although five cars emerged for the DD, just three took the flag, as the other two expired before the grid was set.  The action was short and sweet, as 233 Liam Parkin saw off 444 Mike Stacey and 374 Rich Kelly to grab a deserved win.

Stock Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 204 3 351 81 437 285 441 9 14 54
Heat 2 351 204 81 3 437 285 441 54 9 222
Winter Supreme 351 3 437 81 9 285 54 222 204 982
Grand National 81 204 437 9 3 351 285 54 222 982
Ministox 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 927 577 382 985 907 290 914 942 902 525
Heat 2 382 927 577 914 907 942 970 985 902 525
Final 382 927 577 985 998 942 914 525 902 290
B2B Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 331 272 455 37 321 196 394 291 737 444
Heat 2 37 837 455 394 444 737 196 291 nof
Final 272 196 455 nof
DD 233
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