United Downs Raceway - Sunday 24th July 2016

After a gloomy morning, weather wise, there was more than a hint of summer about the latest race meeting at the United Downs Raceway, where good numbers assembled for all three classes on duty.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Having had a letter of encouragement, the F2s responded reasonably well with their best car count of the season so far at St Day, with 29 drivers in action.  Eight ‘C’ grade drivers gridded for the Total White Out event.  The grid was determined by random public draw, and was led off by pole sitter 639 Steve Hartnett.  750 Lewis Holden tracked Hartnett, and when the leader picked up a puncture, it opened the door for Holden to hit the front.  Once ahead, Holden went on to win convincingly, with 550 Andy Sobey and 663 Bryan Lindsay completing the top three.  Holden duly collected the Ermington MOT Centre trophy, and a brand new wing from Premier Motorsport.  The opening heat was led for some distance by Holden, but in the closing stages, he was overhauled by 528 Shane Hector.  In heat two, there was an exciting star grade battle between 522 Chris Mikulla and 676 Neil Hooper, but that was only for second, as 890 Paul Rice was some way down the road as a distant winner.  The consolation brewed up to an exciting finish.  Having taken the lead, 290 Jay Tomkins was then sent wide in the turnstile bend by 572 James Lindsay.  Tomkins hit the fence, Lindsay was delayed, and 575 Tom Clark went from third to first and took the win.  A riveting Snell Family Trophy final saw Hartnett lead early on, and then Rice took over.  As the laps ticked by, Rice built up a commanding lead.  However, that was negated when a caution period was instigated after a pits bend pile-up formed, involving Hector, 460 Matt Weston and 689 Joe Marquand.  676 Neil Hooper made an excellent start, to sweep from fourth to second on the opening lap of the resumption of the race, and Hooper then edged his way past Rice to take over the lead.  Shortly after, red tops Clark and 542 Steven Gilbert clashed on the home straight, and that brought another race suspension.  By now, 315 Justin Fisher was up to second, but he could not land a blow on Hooper, whilst 468 Sam Weston completed the top three.  The Snell Family Trophy was duly presented by Adrian Snell.  Gilbert saw out the day with a win in the Grand National, which featured another tussle between 24 Jon Palmer and Hooper; the latter spinning out of a good place after returning from the one lap handicap.

National Micro Bangers

Terrific numbers of National Micro Bangers saw in excess of thirty drivers present.  The first event was the 10 v 10 Team Challenge, featuring The Dingles and The Roughnecks.  A pair of non-runners in the Roughnecks team left them with just eight starters for the race.  Some brutal exchanges in the early laps saw a huge number of crashes, but red flags were needed to assist 931 Libby Churcher, who was shaken up when hit at the pit gate.  For the restarted race, there was a shortage of Roughnecks, and only a few laps into the re-run, The Dingles finished off their rivals.  With just five of The Dingles running, the race was brought to an early finish, as the chequered flag fell on 642 Nigel Thomas.  Sportingly, the Roughnecks applauded The Dingles back to the finish line at the end of their lap of honour.  133 Terry Hill just pipped 74 Adam Hitchcock in the first heat of the meeting proper, which saw just five of the 23 starters go the distance.  196 Phil Chapman saw his car destroyed in a turnstile bend crash.  In the next heat, Hill won by more than a lap, with 149 Dan Curtis on his track debut, showing up well in second.  The pits bend saw huge action, with 302 Dale Moon and 451 Nigel Belfield heavily involved.  There was a bizarre incident in the final, when 868 Stuart Parish rode up over the side of 229 Connor Dix.  They completed one third of a lap like that, until reaching the pits bend when Parish rolled off and on to his roof.  That brought about a stoppage, but from the restart, Hill edged clear to complete a hat-trick of wins, whilst 847 Andy Whatley overhauled 315 Dale Osborne for second.  Seventeen drivers made it back out for the DD, impressively including 160 Jamie Warr, who had limped his battered car through a whole day’s worth of action.  The DD featured another multitude of superb crashing.  The final blow was a head-on between 45 Anthony Croshaw and Whatley, which saw the former’s steering wheel snap off from the column.  A dead-heat was declared.


Good numbers from the youngsters resulted in a two from three heat format.  Late on in the opening heat, 907 Cameron Lawrence edged 980 Charlie Lobb aside.  911 Harrison Bryant completed the top three.  In heat two, 943 Hannah Esau led much of the way, but in the closing stages she was relegated to third, by Scottish star 629 Euan Millar and ORC Champion 268 Dan Santry.  Heat three saw Lawrence win again, with Lobb the runner-up once more.  For the Cornish Championship, Lawrence and Lobb had earned themselves front row starts, and as the race began, Lawrence edged clear.  Millar and Santry moved into second and third respectively, to lead to a three-way silver roof contest for the lead.  A puncture dashed the hopes of Lawrence and Santry took over at the front.  Millar continued to chase, but when he attempted a challenge for the lead, Santry rode it out, and Millar slewed sideways, costing himself time.  Santry won, in what was his last ever Ministox race.  Millar was second and 987 Ethan Pope was third – with all three cars then passing the post-race scrutineering checks.

BriSCA F2 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Out 750 550 663 460 174 87 639 636 nof
Heat 1 528 750 542 468 689 828 24 627 First 8 to final
Heat 2 890 522 676 315 797 111 979 418 First 8 to final
Cons 575 572 460 663 639 291 174 87 550 290
Final 676 315 468 24 522 627 979 890 797 572
Grand National 542 890 797 575 24 522 627 468 676 689
Grade Awards W 750 Y 890 B 468
Ministox 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 907 980 911 566 629 667 204 677 915 931
Heat 2 629 268 943 915 566 667 204 987 303 951
Heat 3 907 980 943 987 303 268 902 677 911 917
Cornish 268 629 987 980 677 667 943 303 566 917
Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
10 v 10 642D 842D 841D 166D 845D nof
Heat 1 133 74 45 451 266 nof
Heat 2 133 149 847 74 841 842 nof
Final 133 847 315 74 842 845 149 nof
DD 45/847
Best Presented 74 94 149
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