United Downs Raceway - Sunday 2nd October 2016

The season’s final offering of national Stock Car racing saw the United Downs Raceway play host to the last Cornish fixture of the year for the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars and the last westcountry fixture of the year for the Bangers.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

An assortment of reasons contrived to leave the entry of BriSCA F2 Stock Cars disappointingly low, in view of the bounty of prizes, awards and bonuses on offer.  Nonetheless, the race action served up had a variety of exciting and spectacular moments.
Just nine of the 22 eligible competitors for the White & Yellow grade final, were available to grid for the big money showdown, and once pole yellow top 689 Joe Marquand had hit the front, it was a question as to whether 418 Ben Borthwick could get on terms.  The gap between them ebbed and flowed, but Borthwick was unable to land a blow, and thus Marquand won – punching the air wildly as he crossed under the chequered flag.  In addition to the £100 first prize and the four brand new Yokohama tyres, Marquand also won a 2 litre Zetec Focus, as included as a bonus award, courtesy of St Austell Bay Motor Auctions.
Heat two saw 328 Andy Walker as the long time leader.  575 Tom Clark hunted him down, after which Walker fell down the order.  542 Steven Gilbert moved into second place, and withstood a strong last bend charge from English Open Champion 38 Dave Polley.
In heat three, Gilbert retired early, with a broken camshaft and that opened the door for Clark to eat further into Gilbert’s Track Championship lead.  Yellow flags were introduced when 528 Shane Hector stumbled to a halt on the home straight.  Clark and Polley emerged as first and second, with Clark refusing to yield to the chasing Polley.  Clark won, and with Gilbert not scoring, Clark was now three points ahead in the Track Championship.
Pole position for Walker in the Old Motor Cycle Club Trophy final was an excellent platform for him to try to secure some £25 lap leader bonuses.  Walker already had pocketed some bonuses when the race was cautioned for 522 Chris Mikulla, who had clipped the spinning 111 Lewis Geach, and ran backwards into the pits bend fence as a result.  Walker led off the single file order and proceeded to tick off many more laps, before 126 Jamie Avery edged past him on lap fifteen.  Walker had collected £350, but with just five laps remaining, Avery looked set to land the victory.  However, National Points Champion 100 George MacMillan Jnr had other ideas, and with growing momentum he swept into the top three, and then charged determinedly after Avery.  As the one lap to go board appeared, Avery looked in command, but MacMillan Jnr was on a roll, and he dived long and hard into the final bend.  Avery went wide, MacMillan Jnr grabbed the inside line, and in the sprint to the flag, the silver top from Scotland got there by a car’s length.  Third place for Clark gave him a further eight points, to take his Track Championship lead to an unassailable eleven points.
Magnificent work by Gilbert and his team saw them change an engine in time for the Grand National, and he was rewarded with a second place to Polley, who again plundered a good points haul for his long trek west, and whose victory netted him the Bob Netcott Trophy.


The Supreme Championship raised an impressive car count in excess of 50.  A wild start to the Last Chance qualifier soon saw numbers reduced, and left the raceway littered with cars, and it was the numerous crashed vehicles which brought about a race suspension.  41 Sam Hollins was the leader, and he saw out the remaining laps, only to fail post-race scrutineering on tyre sizes.
When the Supreme title race got underway, pole sitter 28 Steve Linly was swiftly replaced in the lead by 133 Jody Jeanes.  However, Jeanes found his time at the front to be short lived, for he developed an electrical fault and had to eventually retire.  Linly thus inherited the lead again, and he was pursued for almost the whole race by 835 Matt Westaway.  As they picked their way through the backmarking traffic, the gap between them was constantly changing.  However, any hope Westaway had of a last lap challenge, was thwarted by tailender 58 Martin Dalton.  Linly duly took the flag, to add the Supreme to his British title.  Westaway was second and 447 Adam Hicks took third.  All three cars passed the post-race checks.
In the consolation, there was a caution period, after the errant 32 Danny Symons ploughed unsighted into the stricken 233 Liam Parkin.  254 Will Blight led for many laps, but Jody Jeanes tracked him down to take the lead, and ultimately the win in the second half of the race.
The meeting final had to be halted when 999 John Glover required attention.  898 Jack Semmonds was miles clear at that point.  However, when the race resumed, Semmonds was sent on a detour over the home straight infield, and after glancing off some parked cars, he bounced back on the track to find that Hicks had grabbed the lead, and he went on to win from Jody Jeanes and Linly.
Semmonds gained some reward for his front running, when he swept from green flag to chequered in the Allcomers.
A fine showing of 22 cars emerged for the DD, and they served up some memorable hits and crashes.  After a strong effort, 113 Chris Jeanes finally saw off 621 Scott Kendall and 768 Tyler Cock to take the victory.

BriSCA F2 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 W&Y 689 418 740 828 460 663 572 639 nof
Heat 2 575 542 38 522 100 126 111 528 689 468
Heat 3 575 38 468 100 126 111 828 328 14 460
Final 100 126 575 328 111 740 828 689 460 572
Grand National 38 542 111 418 575 828 689 572 100 663
Grade Awards W 328 Y 689 B 575
Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
LCQ 406 944 785 58 927 816 43 718 nof
Supreme 28 835 447 991 60 912 898 999 406 515
Consolation 133 929 254 131 206 768 320 113 First 8 to final
Final 447 133 28 991 43 113 944 898 768 nof
Allcomers 898 28 447 133 129 441 113 154 944 429
DD 113
Best Presented 17 32 254 233
Grade Awards W 898 254, 129 Y 43, 768, 929 B 406, 785, 131 R 28, 447, 133
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